Middle East peace initiative [Roadmap]

Saudi and cooperation Prime Minister to Middle East peace, or Iran ...

Middle East peace initiative [Roadmap] Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is 0 days, talks on the phone with Saudi Arabia of Muhammad Crown Prince, matched by the idea of ​​close cooperation for peace and prosperity in the Middle East the growing tension in the conflict between the United States and Iran. Saudi is in a hostile relationship with Iran, the prime minister also described with respect to its Iran visit is adjusted in mid-month, believed to have asked for understanding. According to the meeting in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has called for the Japanese side. It is carried out for about 10 minutes, was widely exchanged views on the Gulf situation. Both men also confirmed cooperation towards the success of the 0 countries and regions (G0) summit to be held in Osaka in the month. Saudi Arabia chair country in the next year of G0.

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